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Quality assurance
As a key high-tech enterprise, tellcan from its inception on quality as the firstprinciple, always adhere to the "product quality, zero defects, servicesstandards without limit" quality philosophy, focus on quality improvement,establish a scientific quality control system. "The whole industry chainoperation mode" to build food security system, won the trust and respect of theCommunity market, hard copy of the established industry core competitiveness.

Application Lab
company owns entire production equipments of small test and middle test for dairy and drink. Can proceed small test and middle test for many packaged products such as UHT、three-piece can、glass bottle、plastic bottle etc. products; And have complete pastry、candy、cold drink experiment line. Can afford comprehensive technique and experiment service for customers.

QC Room 
Company have many physical and chemical testing equipments. Can undergo the complete testing and monitoring for PH value、viscosity、moisture、lead、arsenic、heavy metal、aflatoxin etc. Indexes; Owning standard purified microbiology laboratory, can undergo the complete testing and monitoring for total bacterial count、coliform、molds and yeasts、salmonella etc. pathogenic bacteria. Can ensure the safety of outgoing products effectively.

Production Corner
The whole production process from unpack to outer pack is completed under standard cleaning workshop; Mealwile, using the advanced vacuum material-loading system and fully automatic filling equipment, for entire production process of products, do not have the direct touch between labour and materials, and guarantee the safety and health of products.

Rearch & Development
Own senior expert talent team on food science and biology chemistry etc.
Understanding and practical experience for all kinds of interaction between colloid and synergy effect.
Can tailored made stability and balance system for customers by synergy of excellent emulsifier and colloid.

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